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Clairvoyant vs Tarot readers

Differences between the two types of fortunetellers

By: Webmaster | Published: 21/11/2011 09:44 | |

Some people see the Tarot readers as clairvoyants, i.e. as people that has some kind of paranormal power that allow them to see beyond the cards illustrations that reveals the future of the consultant.

This is far from the truth, a Tarot reader doesn't have to be a clairvoyant or a medium, if there is some kind of 'hidden power' it is in the deck, in the Tarot illustrations themselves, so everybody can read accurately the cards. Given enough experience and
studying the cards meanings, even the more eskeptic person can predict the future.

The so called 'clairvoyants' are people that claim to have some kind of contact with another reality, another dimension, even with dead people souls. I won't say if they lie or not, I just say that a Tarot reader doesn't fit this description.

This site can help you to gain experience on Tarot interpretation, and can serve to you as an experience for 'real life' Tarot, so you can read it to your friends and spend a good time.