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Free Tarot 1.0

Download a free Windows(r) application for reading Tarot cards

By: Webmaster | Published: 21/11/2011 09:53 | |

Share your comments about tarot in our Forum, and enjoy the online free tarot readings.

Enjoy the free tarot reading from your computer, even when you're offline.

We have developed a small freeware program that contains the same method use for our popular online tarot readings. And the best of all is that is completely free!!, no registration required, no spyware, no adware... nothing but a free tarot readings program.

Please, share it with your friends and let us know about your experiences with the software in our forums.

To download the Windows version, use the link below. You don't need to install, simply unzip the file on your desktop, and double click on the FreeTarot.exe icon.

We hope you enjoy the Free Tarot v 1.0 software.

Download Free Tarot v 1.0 for Windows